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  Premium members  are automatically entered into the monthly free frag give away and receive a fifty percent discount on our weekly webinars, meetings,the E-Book, and the periodic updates. Join today and get the special introductory fee of $4.95 per month or $1.14 per week for 52 weeks. Each month every premium member is entered in our freefrag giveaway no need to enter .Members can win over and over again.We will post the winners and frag photos .The offer is void where prohibited.Packing and shipping is paid by the recipients.
  Our live online webinars include questions and topics selected from our members email .Premium members can enter our" tank of the month" and here you can have the floor and narrate your video and answer questions from other members. Attendees can also present their reef tanks and demonstrate their  techniques or issues that they need to resolve.
Meetings are fun and a great learning experience for all. Each webinar is 1 hour.
All meetings will be archived .
Members can seek unlimited live meetings online during posted office hours.
  Live WEEKLY webinars held online for each timezone.Webinar topics and questions are member driven, standard meetings include:
  BREEDERS WORKSHOP LIVE ONLINE, Learn  all you need to know about breeding reef fish from pair selection thru rearing fry.
  REEF TANK DISCUSSION LIVE ONLINE, we meet and learn about all aspects of keeping reef tanks.
Sell your fish or frags to other members.
  The NEWBIE CLUB LIVE, Avoid the common mistakes and learn how to do it correctly from the beginning!
  TANK OF THE MONTH LIVE,Show off your reef tank system live on line to us all. Narrate your video and take questions from the members if you wish.